Greetings, citizens of the interwebs!

I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey and welcome you to your very own portal to follow me.
Driven by some insane inspirations of those who wandered on this paths before me, i now have the big honor to introduce you to this amazing human beings.

Let us begin Mary Shelley that layed with her Gothic-Novel „Frankenstein: or, The Modern Promotheus“ a marvellous fundation for a lot of movies and adaptions of all kinds. Some of them good, some of them better.


Of course one of the favourites of all time, the adaption of James Whale, a „talkie“, showed in cinemasthe first time in 1931, with Karloff as „the creature“. And so pop-culture Horror-cliches were as good as invented. The monster, the mad scientist, all of those can be found in mostly everyones concept of what a classic horrormovie should have.


But indeed, what changed is the opinion of the gentle reader, or watcher as one may say now. Back then critiques didn’t have much profound sympathy for our twisted protagonist, here played by Boris Karloff

Nowadays people may be more likely to see a naiv childish soul in the creature made of corpses and electrizity that is just missunderstood and so the moral of the story may be a different one now, then back then.

What this fact applies to our society is open to everyones opinion.

On the left you see the sequel „The Bride of  Frankenstein“ with Colin Clive and Elsa Lanchester

Also nowadays there are a lot of Frankenstein adaptions from the 50ies to 2012. (newest by Tim Burton also known as a shortfilm from 1984)






To finally come to a more recent cult-classic there is only one thing that comes to my dear mind imideatly!
Its of course „the rocky horror picture show“ 


Director Jim Sharman and Richard O’Brian (Riff-Raff, as seen in the picture) who did the music and the script created a inglorious rock’n’roll-trash-musical-movie that is also still performed and loved as a stage play. In the 70ies the movie was not very fruitful. The parody about b-movies, science fiction and horror movies and comics, that refers a lot to bisexuality, travesty, fetish and sexual freedom got in 2005 elected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library Congress as being „culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant“.

The Doctor Frank-n-Furter of this moving picture a transvestite, played by Tim Curry  also creates a „being“ in his lab by using the power of lightening. In his case its not a „monster“ its more like a man with blonde hair and a tan that should be used to allay Frankies sexual excess and in the end everything blows up and the movie turns out to be not only everything said above, but also science fiction and O’Brian and Patricia Quinn as Magenta (on the right) fly back to their planet.


So, my dear readers. This was an introduction to was claims most of my mindfullness these days and could be a possible explaination for what is going to come in the future.

So long, Cheerio.